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Evernote update makes use of Jelly Bean's rich notifications


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The rich, interactive notifications baked in to Jelly Bean are certainly one of our favorite features of the newest version of Android. Now, one of our favorite apps, Evernote, is tapping into their power. Version 4.2 of the note-taking giant's program offers quick shortcuts to edit and share uploaded notes from the notification pull down. Those notifications are also delivering a lot more context than they used to. Rather than a simple alert that a note has been uploaded, you're now presented with a thumbnail of images captured and a snippet of your text entry. Power users will also be glad to hear those notifications will no longer pile up, as multiple ones will be condensed into a single entry as they do with Gmail. There's also the usual bevvy of bug fixes and performance improvements, which is never a bad thing.. Hit up the source to download it now.

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