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New beBionic hand almost doubles its grip-strength, steered by user's electrical 'skin signals'


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RSL Steeper's beBionic3 still packs the same wireless chip, customizable silicone overlays and speed controls of its predecessor, but is now stronger and more durable. It's been redesigned with an aluminum chassis and new thumb and can now handle up to 99 pounds of weight, with almost double the grip-strength of its predecessor. The bionic hand traces faint electrical signals across the user's arm skin, amplifying them to the five digits, which can contort into 14 different grips. The mouse configuration, demonstrated in the video below, lets the user operate both buttons while holding onto the peripheral. The hand will cost between $25,000 and $35,000, depending on both the hardware and software configurations. See how the third-generation bionic limb grabs blocks, ties shoe-laces and wields pens after the break.

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