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Tesla details service plans, software updates for Model S


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So you drop $50,000+ on a Tesla Model S -- then what? The all-electric automaker offered some more details on what folks can expect in the ensuing years on its blog this week, detailing service plans and software updates, and what it'll all cost. On that latter point, you can expect to pay $600 for a basic one-year service plan, or opt for a four-year package that'll set you back $1900 -- on-site visits are available for an extra $100, or as part of a four-year, $2400 plan that includes unlimited on-site visits. To provide that service, Tesla has also announced that it's nearly tripling its number of service centers, which it says will mean there's a service center within 100 miles of more than 90 percent of Model S reservation holders. What's more, it's also offered some details on what those owners will see in future software updates, including an optional "creep" mode that will mimic the slow, forward roll of a car with an automatic transmission. You can find more details and a full list of service centers at the links below.

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