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Lytro light-field camera hitting Amazon, Target and Best Buy sites next month

Brian Heater

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It's about to become a heck of a lot easier to get your hands on a consumer light-field camera. The Lytro, that marvel of post-picture-taking-focusing, is finally expanding its reach well beyond the confines of its own site. The camera will be hitting Amazon and Best Buy and Target's sites come October 9th. That same day, Canadians will be able to pick the lipstick-shaped device up via Future Shop, followed by retail availability in Canada on the 10th. In mid-October, it'll be hitting stores in Singapore and Hong Kong, swinging back around to the States in November for availability in CityTarget stores in select locations.

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Lytro Expands with US and International Retail Distribution

Lytro Inc., creator of the world's first consumer light field camera, has announced that it will expand distribution to both US and international customers. In October, the Lytro Light Field Camera will be available through United States retailers,, and at the new CityTarget stores in Chicago, downtown Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Westwood, Calif. The Lytro camera will also be available through international retail partners in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. The camera was previously available only on

This expansion marks continued momentum for Lytro, which has seen increasing demand for light field technology in the US and around the world. The Lytro camera captures all the light traveling in every direction in a scene. The camera gives creative photographers unique capabilities like refocusing a picture after it's taken and creating living pictures that amaze friends and family when shared online. Lytro has also recently announced availability for Windows OS, added accessories and is now generally available for customers.

"Since introducing the Lytro camera just six months ago, nearly 400,000 light field pictures have been shared on We are excited to take this picture revolution one step further by making Lytro available to more photographers in the US and around the world," said Charles Chi, CEO of Lytro.

Through expanded distribution in the US and international partnerships with Blonde Robot, Qool Labs and Future Shop, Lytro is taking the first step toward creating a world of living pictures.

Co-founder of Blonde, Robot Dan Miall, said, "Australians are asking for the Lytro camera and we're excited to bring it to them through this partnership. There has been a lot of excitement to be a part of this next phase in photography and start producing light field pictures in Australia."


The Lytro camera will be available for retail:

Online at,, and, starting October 9;
Online at Future Shop in Canada, starting October 9;
In-store through retail in Australia, starting October 10;
In-store through retail in Hong Kong and Singapore, starting mid-October;
In-store at CityTarget, starting November.

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