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TPA takes home trophy in League of Legends World Championship


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Taiwan team Taipei Assassins won the League of Legends World Championship on Saturday, walking away with the $1 million grand prize. TPA includes members Chen Hui Chung (MiSTakE), Kurtis Lau (Toyz), Alex Sung (Lilballz), Cheng Bo Wei (Bebeisadog) and Wang June Tsan (Stanley). But you can just call them "The Champions."

TPA defeated South Korean team Azubu Frost in the final round. The League of Legends World Championship tournament saw a snowball of delays, beginning with "connectivity issues" and concluding with reports of cheating. Riot Games issued multiple "unsportsmanlike conduct" warnings and slapped one player, Azubu Frost's Woong, with a $30,000 fine (20 percent of the $150,000 prize for advancing to the semifinals).

Still, the tournament ended on time and with a clear winner. Congratulations, TPA, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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