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Iomega releases two new StorCenter NAS drives to contain that ever-expanding data waistline


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If you're an advanced user or small businessperson with a storage shortage, then Iomega's new hardware is probably trying to catch your eye. The StorCenter px2 and ix4 are a pair of full bodied NAS systems that offer a secure and speedy haven for your most important data. Using EMC storage technology, the hardware offers a personal cloud and Time Machine support for Mac using backup-fans. The barebones px2 is $500, with the prices running to $1,200 for a 6TB model, and if you're in need of something heftier, the storage-free ix4 sets you back $600, but can take up to 12TB worth of drive if you splash out $1,300.

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Iomega Expands Award-Winning Desktop Network Storage Offerings With New High Performance Two-Drive Network Storage Device And Next Generation Four-Drive Model

Iomega StorCenter px2-300d & StorCenter ix4-300d
Deliver Ultra Fast Storage, Data Protection and Cloud Connectivity

San Diego – October 18, 2012 - Iomega Corporation, a global leader in data protection, today announced the worldwide availability of the latest additions to Iomega's award-winning lineup of network storage solutions: the new Iomega® StorCenter™ px2-300d Network Storage, a high performance, Intel® Atom™ powered double-drive desktop network storage device with up to 6TB of storage; and the new Iomega® StorCenter™ ix4-300d Network Storage, the next generation of Iomega's popular StorCenter ix Series of versatile and easy-to-use four-drive desktop network storage appliances.

Designed for advanced users, small offices, small to medium-sized businesses and distributed enterprise, Iomega's new StorCenter px2-300d and StorCenter ix4-300d utilize EMC's award-winning LifeLine™ operating system for cross-platform file-sharing with seamless integration of security and convenience features such as RAID data protection, hot-swappable hard drives (only with the px2-300d), virtualized environment support, multiple cloud options for offsite data storage, antivirus protection (Only on px2-300d), Active Directory integration, advanced media sharing features and more. Both products are shipping with the Iomega's very latest LifeLine release 3.4, which delivers significant enhancements and new features like improved Active Directory Support, a more efficient EXT4 file system, added MySQL Server support and added video surveillance capabilities.

Executive Quotes
"The new Iomega StorCenter px2 and ix4 desktop models offer an unparalleled balance of performance, simplicity and versatility in terms of data storage, sharing, and protection," said Mike Nikzad, Chief Operating Officer, Iomega Corporation. "These two new network storage products offer flexible storage capacity configurations that fit your business needs today and tomorrow, as well as easy access to the cloud for remote storage, dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for high performance and a wealth of other business features that make these small network devices the backbone of any small office's data management plan."

"Iomega's high performance PX series of network storage products have proven themselves to be solid network storage implementations for our customers," said Eli Zvi, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CompuTech International, a New York-based reseller specializing in SMB and government sales and a Premier Plus member of the Iomega ioclub, Iomega's top tier program for resellers. "We are very pleased to see the addition of the double-drive desktop StorCenter px2-300d, which gives our CompuTech International team an ideal option for customers that require a small easy-to-deploy, dependable, feature-rich desktop NAS for their small business or remote office."

"The small and medium business market for storage in Latin America is constantly growing," said Fabio Gaia, General Manager of Officer Distibuidora, Iomega's largest reseller partner in Latin America. "These new desktop network storage products from Iomega meet the sales channel expectations in terms of tailored capacity for the SMB market as well as delivering high performance at an affordable price."

Flexible Configurations for the New Iomega StorCenter px2-300d and StorCenter ix4-300d
In addition to fully populated options utilizing 1TB, 2TB and 3TB enterprise grade 7200 rpm hard drives for the px2-300d, and 1TB, 2TB and 3TB SATA II drives for the ix4-300d, both product lines also offer diskless models allowing users to use their own HDDs.

Iomega is qualifying 4TB drives for future models in both lines.

Core Capabilities of the New Iomega StorCenter px2-300d and StorCenter ix4-300d
Among the many standard features of these two new product lines:

Built-in cloud technology with choice of EMC Atmos cloud connector, EMC Avamar data deduplication (StorCenter px2-300d models only), Mozy Pro, Amazon S3 and Iomega Personal Cloud technology.
Iomega Personal Cloud allows for remote access and sharing via a web-based computing architecture that connects your StorCenter unit to other individuals and/or devices via the Internet.
Advanced video surveillance storage and monitoring capabilities, including enhanced motion detection and alert notifications, as well as support for up to 16 cameras per each px2-300d and up to 8 cameras per each ix4-300d StorCenter NAS device.
Advanced data replication features allow for easy protection of files to and from attached USB drives or any network share, including invited members of your Iomega Personal Cloud.
Cloud disaster recovery using two StorCenter units in different locations.
Automatic anti-virus scanning and cleaning using the included McAfee VirusScan Enterprise software. (StorCenter px2-300d models only)
Compatible with virtualization environments: VMware®, Microsoft® Windows™ Server (Hyper-V) and Citrix® XenServer™ certified.
Encrypted volumes allow you to further protect and secure your data from unauthorized access. (StorCenter px2-300d models only)
Supports PC, Mac® and Linux® computing environments.
Iomega Link iOS client application for remote viewing and control from your smart device.
Simplified backup with Time Machine® support for Apple OS X users, Iomega QuikProtect for PC users.
Enhanced Active Directory integration, including Trusted Domain support
Built-in UPnP™ DLNA Certified® Audio Video Media Server – stream content to a variety of media devices.
Keep your customers and others up-to-date on your business by dropping your latest news files into convenient folders that automatically upload to your social media accounts, including Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.

Both the StorCenter px2-300d and ix4-300d can help protect your business with the integrated SecureMind Surveillance Manager video management software, which delivers multi-channel live monitoring, video recording, and fast video playback with multiple IP cameras (cameras not included). With the built-in storage capacity, the archiving and retention capabilities of Iomega's new network storage products are exceptional for capturing and storing surveillance video. Each StorCenter px2-300d and ix4-300d includes one camera license free of charge.

Additionally, The StorCenter px2-300d is the only network storage product in its class to support the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise product. McAfee Virus Scan enterprise features built-in, real-time on-access and automatic antivirus scanning and cleaning using the McAfee scanning engine. This is a full implementation of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, with the familiar McAfee user interface and product features. The StorCenter px2-300d includes a subscription to McAfee VirusScan enterprise at no extra charge.

Availability and Warranty
The new Iomega® StorCenter™ px2-300d Network Storage is now shipping worldwide. The diskless model is $499.99, the 2TB model is $699.99, the 4TB model is $999.99, and the 6TB model is $1,199.99.

The New Iomega® StorCenter™ ix4-300d Network Storage is also shipping worldwide. The diskless model is now available for $599.99. The following storage capacity versions of the new StorCenter ix4-300d will be available shortly: the 4TB model will be $749.99, the 8TB will be $949.99, and the 12TB model will be $1,299.99.

All pricing is U.S. suggested retail.

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