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Samsung Galaxy Note II reportedly coming in black, triggers monolithic memories (update: fake!)

Jon Fingas , @jonfingas

Samsung gave Galaxy S III buyers a small rainbow of color choices in the summer, and there's signs that the Galaxy Note II might receive a similarly resplendent treatment. A supposed press image obtained by AndroidSlash shows the giant smartphone draped in a previously unavailable black that's potentially very striking -- and more than a little reminiscent of 2001's species-changing monoliths. There's no official word from Samsung on its authenticity, although we wouldn't be surprised knowing the company's history and the Note II's strong track record. When a theoretically niche device is selling like gangbusters, some added diversity could be in order. Just don't expect any Starchildren as a result.

Update: Alas, this is indeed a fake. The source has updated to confirm that this was just a quick darkening job with an image editor -- you can tell by the darkened LED flash, camera and logo. But still, we wouldn't be surprised if Samsung does release its phablet in other colors to keep milking it.