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Samsung's possible Galaxy M Pro sequel poses for the camera, may hang on to Android 4.0


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Samsung's Galaxy M Pro is one of the few widely distributed, fixed-QWERTY smartphones available for the Android world, but cutting edge it's not: the messaging phone originally shipped with Android 2.3 just as 4.0 was about to take center stage. It may be nearing a sorely needed update. Blog of Mobile has followed up a June FCC filing for an unannounced GT-B7810 with some purported details and photos for the same device. Most of the change is reflected on the outside: aside from a similar 480 x 360 display, it could have a considerably fresher metal-effect design. The improvement on the inside is tougher to reckon. While there should be a 1,200mAh battery, HSPA 3G and a micro-SIM slot, the only major upgrade claimed here is the shift to Android 4.0, or just enough to stay on the trailing edge. That is, assuming the B7810 launches at all. Having spent more than half a year in limbo, the budget-focused phone may be out of step with the modern market unless there's a pre-release update in store.

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