Qualcomm Atheros' Skifta app brings DLNA media streaming to iOS

Qualcomm Atheros' Skifta app comes to iOS, delivers equal opportunity media streaming

Android users have been using Skifta, the mobile media streaming platform, for a couple years now, shooting media to and from their phones and tablets wirelessly. Today, Apple users can get on the action, as Qualcomm Atheros has quietly released a version that brings the power of DLNA to iOS. That means that iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads running iOS 5 or later can now stream content directly to and from a host of devices, including stereos, TVs and the PS3. Sound good? You'll find a gallery of screenshots of the Skifta's UI below, and should that sufficiently pique your interest, hit the source to grab the app for yourself.%Gallery-175751%