Netflix Q4 earnings show XX subscribers worldwide

In 2012 Netflix expanded streaming to a few new countries and attempted to undo the damage incurred by its failed Qwikster spinoff in 2011, and now it's final results for the year are in. Its streaming subscriber count is now 27 million in the US alone, with 6 million outside the country for a global count topping 33 million. Most notably, despite the expansion it still managed a profit of $8 million on $945 million in revenue. There's also a slew of original content on the way headed by Arrested Development and House of Cards, and its OpenConnect ISP program has now gotten a boost from high bitrate 1080p video and even 3D. Now that the Video Protection Privacy Act has been amended, Netflix also mentioned Facebook integration will be enabled in the coming months for US customers. If you're worried about it spamming your feed you may be able to relax however, since by default it will not auto post viewing activity, instead opting to let members "post specific titles they're passionate about."

So what about the competition from Amazon, Redbox Instant and Hulu? According to Netflix's stats based on its 200 most popular movies and TV shows, none of the other streaming services offer more than 73 of them (check out a graphic after the break.) Regarding that original content, Netflix is already referring to the February 1st worldwide, full-season debut of Cards as a "defining moment in the development of internet TV." We'll keep digging through the numbers and tune into the investor call at 6PM for more information, until then hit the source link to check out the data for yourself.

Netflix Q4 earnings show 2 million new customers streaming in the US, 6 million total internationally

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