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T-Mobile 'UnCarrier' plans possibly leaked, make unlimited talk and text a given (updated)


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T-Mobile made much ado at CES of its desire to become the "UnCarrier," with steps away from subsidies and the usual complexities of smartphones. Thanks to tipsters, we have a better sense of what the provider meant. A memo suggests that T-Mobile is revamping plans in the near future to make unlimited talk and text a de facto part of the experience, where data would be the only changeable factor: on Classic tiers , the starter $60 plan would have 500MB of full-speed data with hotspot support built-in, while subscribers could upgrade their service in 2GB increments that cost between $10-20 dollars per month for individuals. You'd still have 'real' unlimited data on Classic from $90, with the hotspot as a bolt-on option. What we've seen doesn't specify a date or price, but T-Mobile happens to have an appropriately-themed event coming up on the 26th; we wouldn't be shocked if we heard more at that stage.

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Update: We've done some digging, and this is the full sheet that made a quick stopover at TmoNews. The Classic plans may only be available at third-party stores, while T-Mobile's own stores would go only with contract-free Value rates that start at $50 and include the $70 unlimited plan we saw in January.

TMobile 'UnCarrier' plans leak, make unlimited talk and text a given

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