Xbox One pre-order notification is live: here's where to sign up (update: no more $10 credit)

Xbox One preorder notification is live here's where to sign up

How much? When? Where? Who cares? If you aren't exactly interested in knowing how much the impending Xbox One will cost you -- let alone when it'll actually hit your doorstep -- you can sign up to be notified of your opportunity to pre-order the console right now. To be clear, this isn't a sign-up for a pre-order. It's just a sign-up to be notified of pre-orders officially opening up. So really, what's to lose? Hit the source link below in order to share your email address, and you'll get a $10 Microsoft online store credit for your trouble. (Or, you can hit the Amazon link for those needing an excuse to make better use of their Prime subscription.)

Update: Well, it was nice while it lasted. As spotted by Arlondiluthel, Microsoft's pre-order page now says "we're no longer giving out a $10 store credit, but you can still sign up to be notified of Xbox One availability."

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