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CRTC wireless code lets Canadians cancel contracts after two years, caps excessive data fees


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It's spent the past few months soliciting feedback from Canadian wireless users, and the CRTC has now announced the details of a new wireless code that it says "addresses the main frustrations that Canadians shared with the CRTC." At the top of that list is the length of cellphone contracts, which will now effectively be capped at two years -- carriers may still be able to offer longer terms, but you'll be able to cancel your contract after two years with no cancellation fees. The code also places some significant new caps on data fees: excess data charges will be capped at $50 per month, while international roaming charges will be capped at $100 per month.

Beyond that, Canadians will now be able to get their phones unlocked after 90 days (or sooner if you've bought the device outright, although the actual unlocking fee isn't specified), and they'll be entitled to a 15-day trial period, during which they can return their phone and cancel their contract if they're unhappy with their service. The code also promises to enforce "plain language" in contracts -- ensuring, for instance, that you don't pay any extra charges for services described as "unlimited." Notably, however, the code doesn't immediately cover all current cellphone users. It only applies to new (or extended) contracts starting on December 2nd of this year. In the meantime, you can read up on all the finer details at the source link below.

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