Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week's tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.

The Aftermath Nokia finally joins PureView and Lumia and a million Pebble apps

Welcome to this week's After Math, with Nokia and T-Mobile both holding New York-based events for their future plans. The US carrier continued to roll out its Magenta-hued LTE service across America, while Nokia finally revealed the long-rumored (and often-leaked) Lumia 1020, which brings its high-megapixel-count sensors to its Lumia line -- a true PureView Windows Phone. All this in numerot (that's Finnish for numbers), right after the break.

  • Maximum photo resolution on the Lumia 1020: 38 megapixels
  • Maximum photo resolution on Nokia's first phone with a built-in camera: 0.3 megapixels
  • Size of the Lumia 1020's image sensor: 1/1.5 inch
  • Size of the image sensor from 2010's Nokia N8: 1/1.83 inch
  • Number of 4.5-inch phones launched by Nokia in the last year: 4
  • Value of a gold bar: Around $528,000
  • Number of gold bars stored in the Bank of England: 400,000
  • Amount offered by Samsung to developers to help populate Tizen's app store: $4 million
  • That amount in gold bars: Fewer than 8

  • Handset sales in the next three years, according to T-Mobile CEO John Legere: Sh**loads
  • Number of potential customers covered by T-Mobile's LTE network: 157 million
  • Number of potential customers covered by AT&T's LTE network: more than 292 million
  • Number of potential customers covered by Verizon's LTE network: around 298 million (Over 90 percent of US population)