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Apple's official charger trade-in scheme will cover UK, Canada and Australia

Sharif Sakr

When we originally reported on Apple's replacement program for third-party USB chargers, we only knew for sure that it covered the US and China. As 9to5Mac has spotted, however, the official webpage for the scheme now lists a number of other countries in which Apple will start accepting trade-ins on Friday, August 16th. These include the UK, where an official first-party charger will be reduced to £8 (from £15) when you hand over a third-party charger you have concerns about -- and some Brits will indeed have concerns, as local Trading Standards agencies have issued warnings about knock-off chargers posing a risk of electrocution. Australia (where a new charger will cost $14 AUD), Canada ($11 CAD), France, Germany (10 euros) and Japan (1,000 yen) are also on Apple's updated list. Head to the source link to find your nearest participating store or service provider, and just as a quick heads-up: it's one replacement per device you own (a store rep will record your serial number) and the scheme will end on October 18th this year.

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