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GlassFrogger makes Glass wearers hop in real life to brave simulated streets (update: code and video)


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Google may keep a tight lid on Glass development, but that hasn't stopped coders at the Breaking Glass Hackathon from building some clever wearable apps. Take the event's winning entry, GlassFrogger, as an example: the HTML5-based game recreates Frogger on Google's eyepiece by making players hop in the real world to cross virtual roads. It's a multi-platform title, too, with support for any device sporting a modern web browser. GlassFrogger is free to use today, but try to avoid playing while you're out on the street -- there's enough roadkill inside the game, thank you.

Update: We've since been in touch with co-author Adam Singer, who has posted both source code and the GlassFrogger pitch; you can see his team demonstrating the game after the break.

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