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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 reaches the FCC with AT&T- and Sprint-compatible bands (update: other US carriers)


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We've seen a few international Galaxy Note 3 models pass through the FCC for approval; now, it's time for two American versions. The first variant, the SM-N900A, has just cleared the US agency with support for AT&T's GSM, HSPA and LTE frequencies -- most likely, it's a peek at what we'll see on October 1st. A second model, the SM-N900R4, appears destined for LTE-capable CDMA carriers such as Sprint, US Cellular and numerous regional US providers. While there are no surprises in the FCC filings, it's evident that Samsung's giant Android smartphone will soon be ubiquitous in the States.

Update: Since noticing these filings, we've found a few more approvals for US-ready Note 3 models. The SM-N900T and SM-N900W8 are compatible with both AT&T and T-Mobile bands; the SM-N900P appears more specifically tailored to Sprint, while the SM-N900V is Verizon's model.

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