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Barclays Pingit now lets UK shoppers pay for web purchases using their smartphone


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Barclays Pingit is a neat multi-platform app for paying the odd bill or shooting over your share of Friday's curry to a friend, regardless of which bank you use. Today, Barclays announced new ways businesses can use the payment platform: a "Pay with Barclays Pingit" button can now be added to websites and apps, which should shorten the time between impulse and transaction -- anyone that regularly uses PayPal for online purchases will get the general idea. Also, if an advertisement should take someone's fancy, the "buy it" feature allows that person to scan a QR code, check out product info, and complete the purchase then and there. It's up to retailers to add these new options, of course, so don't expect to find them everywhere from today. QR codes just won't die, will they?

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Barclays makes mobile payment and purchasing easy with 'mobile checkout' and 'buy it'

16 Sep 2013 09:14 GMT

Barclays launches two new m-commerce alternative payments solutions

Barclays has launched two new features within its award winning mobile app, Barclays Pingit; 'mobile checkout', a payment feature for quick and easy purchases from a mobile web or app checkout page; and 'buy it', which bridges the gap between advertising and sales by enabling consumers to purchase advertised goods and services immediately.

Businesses, such as retailers, are now able to offer their customers two new mobile payment solutions which provide a fast, easy and secure way to pay for goods and services.

Unlike many alternative payment methods, 'mobile checkout' is optimised for a mobile experience, with only a few clicks required to make an instant settlement via a 'Pay with Barclays Pingit' button. It eradicates the need for the entry of long or large amounts of personal details, which can be challenging and time consuming on small handsets.

Mike Walters, Head of UK Corporate Payments at Barclays said: "For mobile enabled businesses, this is a great way to increase sales conversion by reducing payment input errors and increased consumer assurance at checkout. For new players to the market, it is an easy, low risk way to enter into mobile commerce."

The advent of the 'buy it' feature on Barclays Pingit enables instant purchases from traditional advertising collateral. By logging onto Barclays Pingit, consumers can buy products direct from an advert and other marketing collateral by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code. Barclays Pingit displays the product information – price, merchant information, delivery information and stock levels. Confirming these details enables a Barclays Pingit user to initiate an instant purchase, which can be delivered to a chosen address. Once confirmed, the customer receives a confirmatory SMS and email.

For businesses this process can transform their adverts into a highly accessible and convenient sales channel. Additionally, it increases the value of their existing assets, for example, by enabling people to buy from window displays, or from unmanned display stands, 24x7. Businesses can also encourage immediate sale of items with marketing incentives such as limited time offers, offers on new products and limited stock offers. The feature can also help businesses evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign by tracking adverts that are driving sales.

Both 'mobile checkout' and 'buy it', demonstrate Barclays commitment in helping its clients grow their business through new growth channels, and helping them to navigate the emerging mobile payments, m-commerce and technology landscape.

Mike Walters adds: "Mobile commerce has grown more than 250% over the last two years and it is important that businesses provide consumers with a convenient and easy payment method through this channel."

'Mobile checkout' and 'buy it', can also play a significant role in increasing sales by improving the mobile customer experience, encouraging customers to complete their sale transaction.

Research by Harris Interactive has shown that while 68% of mobile and tablet owners have tried to make a purchase on a mobile or tablet, as many as two-thirds of those have abandoned the purchase due to issues with the payment platform. Many of the payment solutions in the market today have not been optimised for an m-commerce environment.

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