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Peachy Printer's sub-$100 3D printer smashes fundraising goal (video)


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While the cost of 3D printers are coming down, it's unlikely we'll start to see them invade everyone's homes 'til they become much cheaper. That's the idea, at least, behind the Peachy Printer, a device that's promising to retail for less than $100. Unlike printers made by companies such as Makerbot, Peachy uses a laser to set objects from liquid resin. The laser is guided by a pair of mirrors that take instructions from your PC's audio in / out ports, and the system even allows you to scan objects with your own camera. Having launched on Kickstarter three days ago, Peachy Printer has more than tripled its CDN$50,000 goal. We doubt you'll find anyone trying to build an Aston Martin replica on one of these things, but it's a neat idea that employs a different 3D-printing method to significantly reduce hardware costs. As usual, you'll find the pitch video below and anything else you may desire at the source.

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