The iPhone 5s seems to be the best iPhone Apple has ever made, yet after a month of use, it's primary feature -- the Touch ID fingerprint scanner -- doesn't seem to be all that. To be sure, Touch ID seems to work reasonably well for a number of users, but there's a growing number of anecdotal reports (including from myself) in Apple's Support Communities that the Touch ID is hit or miss with an increasing number of false-negatives resulting in users having to re-code their fingerprints or even restore their iPhones completely.

Here at TUAW we'd love to hear from you about your Touch ID experience. Take the poll below and feel free to elaborate in the comments.

How well does the Touch ID work for you?
It works pretty darn well, at least 95-100% of the time.2395 (59.1%)
It works okay, at least 75-94% of the time.913 (22.5%)
It works so-so, around 50-74% of the time.444 (11.0%)
It hardly works -- less than 50% of the time.300 (7.4%)

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