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Google's homegrown Dart web programming language emerges from beta


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While Google giveth and taketh away end-user apps, it's generally been good to developers -- all the better to get new tools into the wild. One of those pet projects, Dart, is now out of beta and into a "production ready" version 1.0 SDK, according to Mountain View. In a nutshell, it's a programming language that aims to simplify, speed up and (it hopes) one day replace Javascript as the app of choice for web developers. Though no browser actually supports Dart natively (except its own Dartium browser), the SDK comes with a Javascript translator that Google claims produces faster and tighter code. It's also added code completion, debugging and more, and said that Adobe and others have started supporting it. Though the idea of learning another programming language makes us tear up, if you're game, hit the source.

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