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VSCO Cam app for iOS adds more 'community' features in a bid to take on Instagram


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The VSCO Cam app has developed a pretty dedicated following of serious mobile photographers. Over the summer Visual Supply Co. even unveiled a minimalist publishing platform called VSCO Grid. But ties between the two were... let's say, weak. An update for the iOS version finally rectifies the situation, by fully integrating VSCO Grid. Most notably it adds the ability to follow people and browse a feed of your friends' most recent photos, taking the first tentative steps into social network territory. You can obviously search out friends on your own, but VSCO also serves up a collection of curated artists it thinks are worth tracking.

The update to 3.0 isn't all about the "community" though; the camera and editor themselves have received a few nice tweaks. There's a new Tilt & Level tool that makes sure your pics are perfectly aligned, both vertically and horizontally. The crop tool has been updated for a "smoother, more accurate experience," and the details view for photos has added pinch-to-zoom support, for really digging into the nitty-gritty of your compositions. You can also now set the app to automatically save images to the iPhone's Camera Roll and turn off location tagging if you're paranoid about your privacy. For now the update is iOS only, but Visual Supply Co. promises the new features are coming to Android in the near future.

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