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Revamped Google Drive for Android makes it easier to tinker with your files


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Google unveiled a lot of things at the start of its I/O conference, but there was also a pair of stealthy updates that could make a big difference for cloud storage lovers. To begin with, there's a brand new version of Google Drive for Android that makes it much easier to manipulate your files. Instead of sifting through a top menu bar, you just have to tap a button to rename, share or star a document; it's also a little quicker to print a file or scrap it entirely.

On top of the Drive refresh, presentation gurus will be glad to hear that Google's promised Slides app has reached Android. There aren't any big surprises if you've worked with such files in Drive before, but this now means that you can edit most common office documents in dedicated Google apps. Whether or not you need to tweak business pitches on the road, you can grab both new Drive-related apps today. Android Police has its own download link for the Drive update if you can't wait for it to reach you automatically.

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