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Dictatorship simulator cuts too close to the bone for Thailand's dictator


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In Tropico 5 you play El Presidente, the dictator of a small island, given free reign to build the world according to your whim while violently suppressing your opponents. Unfortunately, tongue-in-cheek games about that sort of subject don't go down so well with an actual military dictatorship, like the one running Thailand right now. The junta, which has already censored the internet and banned Facebook and Bitcoin, has now outlawed sales of the game. The only reason given is that Tropico 5's content might have somehow affected peace and order in the country -- possibly by showing the wider population how dictatorships work. Stefan Marcinek from the game's developer says that the move sounds like it "could have come from one of El Presidente's own edicts." Between this and Manuel Noreiga's decision to sue Activision, it's time the military dictators of the world learned the meaning of that phrase about glass houses and throwing stones.

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