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Dropcam will give you a free replacement camera if yours is too old


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Normally, companies don't do much for you when they stop supporting a device. They'll give you a too-bad-so-sad notice and ask you to buy their latest gear. Not Dropcam, however. The Nest-owned company is ditching support for both its original home security camera and the Echo on April 15th, but it's also launching a replacement program that will get you a free Dropcam HD if you own one of the older models. You'll have to switch to a new subscription plan if you want the cam to be useful for cloud video recording, but there otherwise aren't any strings attached -- Dropcam will maintain legacy service for free until the cutoff date, and refund the difference if you've paid for a yearly plan. This isn't really an altruistic gesture (the company makes at least $99 per year from your subscription), but it'll at least take some of the pain out of switching to newer technology.

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