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You can ride a bear in 'Rayman' creator's PS4 game, 'Wild'


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We haven't heard much about Wild, the new game from Rayman creator Michel Ancel, since its announcement in August 2014. It was a highlight of Sony's Gamescom press conference that year, offering a fantastical, open-world landscape filled with ferocious beasts and strong warriors, and then it seemingly disappeared -- until today. Ancel took the stage at Sony's Paris Games Week press conference and showed off Wild's mechanics, transforming from a human into an eagle and a rabbit as his needs dictated. He also rode a bear for a while, which was "the greatest thing," as our liveblog put it. At the end of the demo, a giant snake lady appeared in front of the main character, sealing the fantastical tone of the game. Check out the PGW walkthrough below.

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