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Amazon's $250 Fire bundle will feed your reading habit

The offer includes a Fire HD 8, one year of Kindle Unlimited and a case.
Billy Steele
12.07.15 in Gadgetry

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If you've been eyeing an e-reader for that special someone this holiday, Amazon has a new bundle that could do the trick. The online retailer announced what it's calling the Reader's Edition of the Fire HD 8. In addition to the reading gadget itself, the $250 price includes a year of books from Kindle Unlimited and a leather cover. If you were to pay separately, the Kindle Unlimited subscription alone would cost you $120 for 12 months.

As you might expect, this Kindle sports the new "Blue Shade" feature that Amazon revealed last week. Part of a Kindle software update, the tool reduces blue light on screens to ensure e-readers and tablets don't wreck your sleep patterns if you gaze at them before bed. If you're interested in saving some coin, the Reader's Edition bundle is available for pre-order now. Of course, there's always Amazon's $50 tablet if you're really looking to keep those shopping costs down.

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