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ICYMI: DARPA Bots doing chores, VR fight action and more

Apparently the best way to test robots is to have them do your chores.

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Today on In Case You Missed It: A team that placed in the most recent DARPA challenge is still testing its robot, only now the tasks are more house-related. The IHMC has found that they can best tell whether their bot is responding well to new software by seeing how it handles common chores around the garage.

The US Army is testing a new airdrop system that is said to be more accurate than GPS. It uses a camera and onboard computer to spot a good landing place.

Saturday's fight at the O2 arena in London between boxers David Haye and Mark De Mori will be the first ever live match filmed for VR viewing, viewable as it happens in a free Android app, or on a matching website.

And there are many interesting stories from the week but we recommend reading up on our Hyperloop future.

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