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Beer tracker Untappd goes 'to the next level'

Untappd is pairing its 'beer-based social platform' with Next Glass' drink recommendations.

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Beer fans are probably already familiar with Untappd, an app (Google Play, iTunes, Windows Phone Store) that piggybacks on Foursquare's check-in system. Instead of just tracking where you go, it keeps a database of what you drink, what your friends drink, and what's on tap at pretty much any bar. Until now its creators have been working on it only part-time, but announced recently that through a "strategic merger" with fellow alcohol startup Next Glass, they'll be able to work on it full-time. Next Glass has an app that also keeps track of what you've been drinking, manages ratings and can recommend something else to try. Still, the founders say this won't change things much, simply promising more updates, badges and cool features faster.

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