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One-handed typing is a reality on the stock Android keyboard

Maybe now you'll actually use it instead of SwiftKey or Word Flow.

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Competition is good for everybody. Case in point: Google recently dropped a massive update for the stock Android keyboard that brings in a ton of new features that we've seen from the likes of the now-Microsoft-owned SwiftKey and the Redmond company's multiplatform Word Flow apps. For starters, there's a one-handed mode and quicker access to the number pad and emoji. If you'd rather have a taller keyboard for your phablet now, that's an option as well, in addition to finally having an option for borders on individual keys.

Gesture typing has a few new tricks, too, involving how you delete and edit any typo'd words. Android Police says the update is rolling out right now, so if it isn't available on Google Play for you, the publication is hosting a download for the APK file.

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