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Get your hands on 'Monster Hunter Generations' on July 15th

Six months after the Japanese launch, the western world gets to play Capcom's creature-battling game.

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Monster Hunter Generations lands in North America and Europe on July 15th, specifically for the 3DS. Plus, Nintendo is launching two limited edition, Generations-branded 3DS XL handhelds, one for each region. The blue version will go on sale in North America and red is for Europe -- both will be available on July 15th alongside the new game.

Generations is the western version of Monster Hunter X, Capcom's popular creature-tracking and -battling RPG that hit Japan in November 2015. Last we heard, Generations was due to hit North America and Europe in the summer. A Monster Hunter Generations demo will show up on the 3DS eShop before the game launches, though there's no firm date for that quite yet.

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