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The 'smoothing beautifier' will make your 3D prints less ugly

Sculpteo's post-printing technique uses chemistry to smooth out objects.

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Sculpteo, the Paris-based company that does cloud-based 3D printing for consumers and companies like Staples, has launched a process that results in more finished-looking objects. Called the "smoothing beautifier," it is used on objects printed by laser sintering, otherwise known as additive manufacturing. Normally, the plastic-based powders result in a rough finish on prototyped objects (or little statues of yourself). However, the new technique, which is applied after printing, provides a "perfectly smooth and shiny finish," according to the company.

Sculpteo says that it uses a "mix of physical and chemical" processes, though it wouldn't elaborate more on the patented system. It appears to be similar to acetone or alcohol smoothing techniques used on extruded objects produced by home 3D printers, however. It's now available in beta, so if you have something to print that needs the extra treatment, you can order it on the company's site. Just keep in mind that it'll add extra cost (and several days) to your project.

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