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Facebook makes an even bigger deal of your 'Life Events'

Helpful if you're the forgetful type.

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Tim Robberts via Getty Images

Big milestones deserve big announcements, which is why Facebook is giving its Life Events feature a revamp. Previously, when you added a Life Event such as an engagement, new job or birth of a child (or anything you deem noteworthy enough), you could choose an icon to represent the significance of your update. Now, you can include photos and videos, too. Don't have a photo? Facebook will let you include animated art instead, or the profile photos of people and pages involved in the post.

And you can be sure your friends won't miss your news, either, as Facebook will send them notifications about certain events, such as changes to your current city, work, education or relationship status (although you can turn these off if you don't want your news broadcast to everyone).

Finally, Life Events are now highlighted in a dedicated section on profiles, which is handy for not only learning more about your friends, but for jogging your memory over the life events you really shouldn't have forgotten about (kids' birthdays, anniversaries and so on). But if you'd rather keep some things quiet, you can hide Life Events with a single tap. Make sure you have the latest version of Facebook installed to try it out.

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