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After training to be an Intellectual Property lawyer, Dan abandoned a promising career in financial services to sit at home and play with gadgets. He lives in Norwich with his wife, his books and far too many opinions on British TV comedy. One day, if he's very, very lucky, he'll live out his dream to become the Executive Producer of Doctor Who before retiring to Radio 4.


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Every International Women's Day, a chorus of snippy men ask where's their equivalent day of celebration. For the last few years, British comedian Richard Herring has led a one-man quest to get them...

November 5th 2015 at 11:50am
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SoftBank, Sprint's Japanese parent company, made a ton of profit over the last three months, but not as much profit as people were expecting. That's largely due to it having to carry Sprint on its b...

November 4th 2015 at 4:57am
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CBS has announced that it's going to make a brand new Star Trek TV series that'll begin airing in January 2017. The corporation has shoved a big pile of money in the face of Star Trek and Into Darkn...

November 2nd 2015 at 11:37am
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A few months ago, we suggested that HTC could be the first really big Android manufacturer to go to the wall. In the wake of the firm's most recent update on its financial health, we're not really a...

October 30th 2015 at 5:13am
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If you were under any doubt that companies will struggle to make a profit from the smartphone business, you won't after today. LG has updated its financial results to reveal that the firm's mobile d...

October 29th 2015 at 6:22am
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After inventing a diesel engine that doesn't emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere, you'd think that VW would never run out of money ever again. Despite this, the German auto maker has just pos...

October 28th 2015 at 5:30am
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NextVR has announced that it'll stream tonight's opening game of the NBA season to all of its users in virtual reality. If you have a Gear VR (and compatible handset), then you'll be able to watch t...

October 27th 2015 at 3:03pm
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If your company makes fitness trackers, then it's probably wise to make your own scale, lest a rival firm steals your lunch from under you. It's a lesson that Garmin has belatedly learned, which is...

October 27th 2015 at 7:00am
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Earlier this month, AT&T applied to the FCC for permission to offer native WiFi calling and now just a few weeks later, Verizon is following suit. The network has delivered a request to Tom Whee...

October 26th 2015 at 12:29pm
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The internet was full of talk about the accuracy of Steve Jobs, but it turned out that the general public just didn't care about the film at all. The Danny Boyle / Aaron Sorkin biopic of the late Ap...

October 26th 2015 at 7:18am
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BlackBerry has opened-up pre-orders for its first ever Android smartphone, the curved-screen slider that's better known as the Priv. The move comes just a day after the spec list was leaked on the...

October 23rd 2015 at 11:54am

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