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Sean Cooper's been abusing tech toys since he first figured out how a screwdriver works, but only truly got lost in the mobile space when he tethered his first CDMA Nokia set to an HP Jornada. Unfortunately, Sean's quest for the ultimate mobile toy is an unwinnable game which all but guarantees him a lifetime of sore fingers, outrageous cell bills, and an ever-growing pile of retired handsets. When not playing with any one of a dozen current sets he's busily planning his children's Formula 1 careers, sipping coffee, and just generally enjoying life in Ottawa, Canada.


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While some categories at this year's International CES were a little quiet, the same cannot be said for autos. 2014's show floor was filled with car stuff, not simply from the major vendors at the s...

January 11th 2014 at 3:00pm 0 Comments
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BMW was keen to show off some ConnectedDrive technology at CES in its new i3, so it trucked us -- well, i640'd -- out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a demo. We had a brief look at the BMW i Remote...

January 9th 2014 at 6:34pm 0 Comments
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We saw Canopy and its Sensus last year at CES with what appears to be similar hardware, but really isn't. In our conversation with Sensus' VP of Software Engineering Joel Stewart this evening, he ex...

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