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April 18th 2014 6:49 am

How would you change Blackberry's Z10?

With the advent of touchscreen smartphones, BlackBerry lost its position as king of the mobile world. In response, the company bought QNX and hibernated, plotting a reinvention centered around BlackBerry 10. When the business emerged with the Z10, everyone knew that this was the device that the company’s future relied upon -- and we know how that ended up. When we reviewed it, we found that every element of the hardware was solid, adequate and pleasing. Unfortunately for BlackBerry, nothing stood out as being better compared to the devices that launched in its stead, nullifying any attention the handset’s big launch had garnered. It’s been just over a year since the Z10 launched, so we thought we’d ask all of you what it’s been like living with this device.

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The BlackBerry Z30 is a great example of how I would change the BlackBerry Z10.

I actually like the size of the Z10 over the Z30 but the Z30 feels better. The Z10 was rushed, and had to many hands in the design and it shows, it was priced poorly for what it was and again sales figures showed it just didn't fly.

The BlackBerry Z30 is everything the Z10 should have been, great battery, great screen, great sound, and 10.2.1 is a great OS. You Can't really change the "app gap" when making the phone BlackBerry 10 addresses it with the Android run time for those that really want to learn, but it is an extra step like iPhone users who jailbreak, or Android users who root.

If I was BlackBerry looking to launch a new Z10 replacement I'd look to take the screen resolution to 1920x1080, not because it is useful, but because people look at that in their buying decisions, next I'd look to edge to edge bezel tech, while it probably wouldn't happen side bezels needed reducing the Z10 body could have handled a 4.3" screen and every 0.1" matters in the spec battle Android has created. I would keep the Z10 the thickness it is but round out the back like the Z30, a larger battery could easily be accommodated and as much as I HATE non removable batteries I think the touchscreen market is too cutthroat that for them to get main stream love they need to have a non removable battery as it can add 20% to battery capacity in the same device volume.

I love BlackBerry, I'd hate to be Android or iPhone full time, they are fun when I use them as secondary devices and play things so I really am hoping the BlackBerry Z3 does big things for them and the upcoming BlackBerry Classic in November makes keyboard lovers take a look
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My first ever smartphone was the HTC Trophy Windows Phone 7. I became a Windows Phone fan instantly. But as the market changed I had more choices. Upgrade to the 928 Windows Phone 8. Or upgrade to an iPhone, a few select Android phones or the Blackberry z10. It came down to the 928 or the Z10 because I never really liked using an Android phone and couldnt get myself to buy an iPhone despite its nice solid design. The only android phone I like is the HTC One. But I decided to buy the 928. I always wanted to get a Z10 to at least try for a couple weeks. I felt like I made a good choice though sticking with Windows Phone. I now have the Lumia Icon and Windows Phone is starting to hopefully take off. I enjoy seeing my phone update and add new features most of which Android had in some form. It adds life to my phone. Android doesnt do that for me.
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I absolutely love my z10. I have had it for about 5 months now, and i can't say enough about it..

if they would release a z11 the things i would change are

1. the phone size and case are perfect for me,, the z30 is to big and the z10/11 is the perfect size...
so i would pull an apple and do nothing to the case and screen size.
2. Camera.. needs to have all the bells and whistles that all the other phone cameras have... needs to be a 16meg camera and have all the features, panoramic, face detection.. all that sort of stuff...
3. battery, although mine is not as bad as some have stated. i normaly get about 12 hours out of a charge... which is about 8 hours more than i my phone would get...
so i would suggest alteast a 2400mah battery
4. the app problem has never been an issue for me... it has all the apps that i need..and the ones it doesn't i use snap

i think to many people are hung up on the spec and processor spead bla bla bla...
the z10 is sippy and never lags...
bb10 is a slick well thought out os.. i would consider going back to an old flip phone before i go back to android or iphone..

the z10 did not get the credit it deserved. if more people gave it a chance i think they would be pleasantly surprised..
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I'd have to agree with all of the points you've described, especially #2. I have a Sony Z1 that I switch to whenever there's a chance I will want to take photos. Other that, the Z10 has been my daily driver for 6 months. It's been solid and at first I though I'd miss Android too much. Not true after getting used to BB10.

As for the battery, I purchased the Blackberry Battery Charger Bundle and haven't worried about battery life since. I just swap out the dead/dying battery for the freshly charged one as needed. I'd definitely recommend it if you're a power-user like am (4 email accounts, constant calls and texts, music on the commute to/from work, etc.)
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It's been great living with the device. It was a little tough at first not having Instagram and Netflix, but now that I can load them up right on my phone in the amazon app store I am really happy. I can't imagine switching to another OS because the hub is so efficient. Between my 4 email accounts, sms, BBM, Facebook, etc I would be so annoyed if I had to keep opening different apps to deal with it all. It's just so much easier with the hub. Same for multitasking. I like being able to switch back and forth between apps so easily. Just the whole gesture based interface is very efficient. I can understand how some people might have had a tough time figuring it out the first few minutes, but it's so good now that I'm used to it.

Just realized I forgot to mention the keyboard. The virtual keyboard on this thing is AMAZING!! I love how it predicts what I am going to say and then just flicking it up is so intuitive. The Hub, multitasking, keyboard >>>those 3 really set BB10 apart.
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1. Dual Boot with Android: The BlackBerry 10 OS is the right tool for enterprises, with all its secure measures, but with the BYOD trend people will want one of the mainstream OS (Android or iOS) to use ot of the office (many times inside the office too). It would give BB the best of the two worlds, being able to switch to the best of the corporative and domestic use... and would solve the lack of applications problem, better than port from Android is running in the real thing, with Google Play available out of the box;

2. Bigger screen and resolution: This Z10 design is very beautiful and appeling - reminds me the HTC One -, but people want bigger screen sizes (like the one in Z30) and at least full hd resolution;

3. Better CPU and GPU: Even Windows Phone mobiles ane now with Snapdragon 800 and Adreno 330, BB must update the heart of the hardware to this pattern. Or, better, the SD 801;

4. Better camera and battery;

5. A very competitive price.
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StephenBB81 makes some good points but I think I'd want to keep the removable battery. It's a key 'Blackberry' staple and their customers expect it. I still own a Z10, I love the OS - no other mobile OS is quick as slick for all things communication..... but that's not enough these days and what it boils down to is apps. Perhaps they should look at making an android device but 'do a Samsung/HTC' and create a BB10 like interface over the top?
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Removable battery is a key feature for me because I keep an extra battery charged and swap when needed. If the Z10 didn't have this feature, I'd be back to the SG4.
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I would MUCH rather keep the removable battery vs Not, But the Z30, Q5 both don't have removable batteries. and when you read about the decision to not have a removable battery by OnePlus One I can respect why not having a removable battery would be better from a cost perspective and feature perspective and seeing as the best selling smartphones don't have removable batteries I'd be willing to lose out on a removable battery if it gets BlackBerry 10 with more market share and a better device.

I use 2-3 batteries per day on my Q10, and have 2 spare batteries for my Z10 as well, I used the ThirdRail case with swappable battery packs on my iPhone. but what is best for me isn't best in terms of making a device that will sell
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I have said this so, so much. I think they should have made their own forked version of Android and brought the Hub to the left side (just like HTC does with BlinkFeed), their BB10 keyboard as default, and I'm pretty sure a ton of people would have bought some just because of those two features on Android.
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Amoled screen and a bigger battery. Other than that, a rounded design wouldn't be bad.
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Few things I like about Z10 (after using Android/iOS):
  1. Hub: Unbeatable. The integrated communications is simply unsurpassed in BB10. So very comfortable for a business user like me. No need to shuffle between appt
  2. Build quality: Absolutely rock solid. I dont use cover/screen protector etc and it does not need any of those things
  3. Fast and responsive: Never seen it hang.
  4. No apps (!!!): Trust me, it keeps phone clutter free. I have only installed Google Maps. Dont need anything else.
For my needs, Z10 is perfect!
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You hit all the same points I was considering reporting. Other than the camera, I really do think the Z10 is a solid phone.
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The device was always good but the launch was a failure.
When it launched the the OS was much like WP7,nothing to do...no apps,core system functionality was limited but like most OSs,it was developing from 10.0's bad battery life problems and android 2.3 runtime to today's 10.2.1 good battery life and 4.2.2 runtime.
The is now more polished and ya there is need for better cpu. The price point was the first thing that they missed but also fixed now it's around 300$-400$,for that price it is one the better devices.
BlackBerry need's a design makeover much like Motorola had when they were bought by Google.But don't get me wrong the I have used the device and it is a solid one design is pretty neat if u compare it to plastic Samsung devices...BlackBerry devices have always kept quality and these devices are not an exception.
I would like BlackBerry to make devices with Moto like design but super durable and go for specs
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You can actually buy the z10 directly from BB for $200 now.
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Ya,but i'm from india...here the BlackBerry online shop is not available but on ebay,i could find it for about 255$
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I have only a few suggestions for improvement, some of which are outside of BlackBerry's control:

1. Reduce 'flagship'-level pricing
2. Eliminate app-gap (An impossible task but Skype, Viber and other important apps were unavailable at launch)
3. Put more engineers on OS development so 10.2.1 was available at launch instead of 1 year after launch
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@MacNews, I don't think more Engineers are going to help make BlackBerry OS10 develop faster. Apple started project purple in 2005 and launched iPhone and iOS1 in 2007 BlackBerry Purchased QNX 2010, launched BlackBerry OS very start of 2013, the time frame for development between them is right on par. but if you compare feature to feature with iOS1 and BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry 10 is developing at a much faster rate.

BlackBerry needs to learn to shut it and not announce products too soon because they are producing at industry leading speeds. Sadly the still haven't learned to keep things quiet with the BlackBerry Classic being spoken about now for a November launch.
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I have my Z10 for more then 6 months and i criticize myself to not purchased one from the first beginning when he was realized.

I was and Android fan and i'm still but Blackberry 10 is way better a solid OS. Ok don't have the same amount of Apps of Android but the last update bring us so many Android apps running like an Android Phone.

The OS UI is very simple to catch after a week, and makes more sense then other OS's i tested (Android and Windows Phone). You have some many shortcut gestures to do simple things like swipe to the end of the app mirrors or go back to home without pressing a back key. Also the phone never gets slow, blocked or restart even when you have many apps opened at the same time.
Talking about Z10, it's not a perfect phone, the battery is my main concern but i can solve that using a backup one. The screen has the perfect size, the design is good too and the camera could be better.

I hope sincerely that Blackberry could bring a new and better phone replacement for Z10 with the same screen size.
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Having recently bought a Blackberry Z10 its fascinating to me how a device's software can be so fundamentally flawed when everyone else gets it right. Our Z10 for some unknown reason decides to mash together contacts that have absolutely no relation to one another. I ended up with 35 of my contacts, including my dad, slammed together under the name of an obscure aunt that I never really have contact with. Unlink them manually? No problem. Except for the software then relinks them within about an hour or so. For those that depend on gmail contacts as I have so many contacts its appalling. The rest of the device is great. The hub is efficient as ever and being able to add Android apps is great. But this fault is just a nightmare.
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And before I get told to simply take it back to the shop. I've had two replacements with identical problems. A cursory search on elgoogle proves this is a common issue.
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I have had this exact problem with my Z10 from the very beginning. I am very satisfied with the phone otherwise, but this one issue has made me consider switching back to iPhone many, many times. It is ridiculous, and essentially impossible to solve.
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I actually had to move away for gmail for this reason, except my problems with Google contact syncing and merging was more when I would change device platforms, when I got a Galaxy Note 2, I had over 1000 contacts what their numbers titles stripped so everything became "work" number vs mobile/home/work etc, When I moved from Android back to BlackBerry the same happened and I had to correct it. every time I switch platforms it took days to correct gmail contacts, except the ones sitting in my outlook com email address never had the issue.

Gmail dropping ActiveSync really forces people to use Android or iPhone and never switch
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I would definitely like to see word wrap in the browser.
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I love my Z10. As far as when I got it, if it had the 10.2.1 OS release then, that'd have been much better, but the OS has advanced very quickly with new features and ironing out some bugs.

Many of the things I'd like my Z10 to have are implemented already in the Z30. Stereo speakers, larger display (but only a little bit bigger overall in size), the paratek antenna technology, and the battery life. Battery life on the Z10 is at times sufficient, other times abysmal. I'd like better specs only so it is more commercially successful - the device runs fantastic as is.

I really did like the HTC One hardware design (which really seems like a more refined design of the Z10), so if the Z10 had the HTC One's physical design running BB10, it'd be awesome.

The USB port location is problematic. If you need to plug it in but still use it (and type on it), it is uncomfortable because you can't hold it well like that. If they raised the USB and HDMI ports higher on the left side, it could still be held comfortably while plugged in. It's not often that this scenario presents itself, but its enough of a pain point that it should be rectified.

Overall, I think the Z10 (and BB10 in general) is vastly underrated - it is a great phone (and OS) and I plan on my next phone being a future high-end BB10 full-touch device when I'm eligible for an upgrade.
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The z10 is an amazing phone, especially now with 10.2.1, the app gap is gone and the phone still holds up performance wise much better then most android phones.

Everything else I would change has been addressed in the z30, which I now own. Battery was more then acceptable on the z10, but the z30 can be used like a power user all day, and still be over 40% at the end of my day. The larger screen size also feels more natural to me, but 4.2 inches on the z10 is more pocket able. I also use usb otg and miracast on my z30, not to mention the fm radio of all things.

My wife, mother, father, father in law and two friends all have z10s. They love them. My mom had grips with apps, but now with the amazon store / Snap, she has every app she would ever need
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The Z10 would have been my choice over the iPhone 5 if the camera had taken better photo's. Even given the investment I've made in apps as Apple and Google have shown recently they'll dump you in a heartbeat anyway for the "newest" device forced purchase.

The keyboard is superior in the Z10 by leaps and bounds, Blackberry's e'mail system has always been world class, but is far superior when you're traveling in low coverage area's with their packet data type system, works even in the ''barely there'' signal area's.

To create a true winner, simply update the camera to a better version something akin to the one in the Note 3, up the definition a bit on the screen [not an absolute] and re enter it back for sale; same size but not very much bigger if any to keep it one hand centric when needed.

Also, a larger version device with a Blackberry Pearl 20 key type keyboard would be a substantial improvement to the QWERTY version. If anyone has used that for more than 30 minutes, they would know quickly how much faster it is.

I'm a touch typist and can text on that keyboard almost as fast....especially with the T9 type predictive text working with the space bar properly. There have independently been great advances in cell phones over the past 6 years. Too bad they've been scattered over several devices and manufacturers....

At any rate, simple adjustments, BETTER marketing [they should fire their marketing company as they've missed huge opportunities in the past 4 years trying to compete with fluff and not focusing on what makes a BBerry great.

And all that is from someone who still has a foot in both worlds and spend thousands of hours with both ecosystems...
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I don't own one, but I'm very familiar with it and was prepared to buy one. This is what stopped me from pulling the trigger and subsequently kept me from regretting the decision.
  1. USB port and headphone jack position - They need to be on the bottom
  2. App strategy - It was set to fail from the first.
  3. Design language - It's bland, unintuitive and makes for absurdly homogeneous apps
  4. Availability on Sprint - Not entirely their fault, but still...
If they got at least 2 of those, there's an 80% chance I'd have one right now.
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I too LOVE Bottom mounted usb ports, but it was brought to my attention by a lead designer at BlackBerry that there is sound quality losses and signal strength losses that come from a bottom mounted USB, and they felt that those 2 areas were not ones BlackBerry was willing to comprise on.

And while my favourite BlackBerry design of all time was a bottom mounted USB, I do know that it did not match signal quality of its predecessor nor the device that eventually replaced it, it was mediocre quality like that of my iPhone for signal strength.
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Unintuitive?? Oh man.... go buy one immediately
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Why ruin the antenna position on the phone by moving it away from the unimpeded bottom?! Best place for reception. The top is the best position for the headphone jack as it sits in the pouch right side up. Z10's run Blackberry AND Android apps!
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I've bought BB Z10 last year when I had been seeking something different than iPhone or outdated Android. I'd been choosing between Z10 and Jolla and came over a second hand device for a good price.
Almost immediately, I've liked the Hub. Easily accessible with everything in one place. Ingenious. Android needs that, too. I like the continuous updates (on Android, you get two or three and then you're left for dead). And with 10.2.1, one can finally install unmodified Android apps (even directly from the 3rd party store). Thumbs up, BlackBerry. That's what I was waiting for. The display is crisp and bright and I'm fine with 720p.
Now the minus side. The size of the device seems disproportional to the display. Why they need the bezel so thick? Jolla is nearly the same size and sports 4.5" display. But I'd rather go with smaller device and display. I could go with qHD 4".
Battery life: I'm not a big phone user so it spends most time in stand-by and I could get about a day and half of battery life. Not bad, but not good either. I've noticed that Wi-Fi is on all the time. Maybe some more aggresive power saving would help, no? And refreshed CPU/GPU could up the battery life, too? (My HTC Desire X can do almost a week with Wi-Fi on.)
Contacts: I like how the app connects the information from different sources. But why is filtering so hard? I have LinkedIn account but I don't want to see those contacts. So I need to go to settings and disable the account. It's still connected and I see only the merged information. But to get a glimpse on the full LinkedIn contact list, I need to go all the way through settings again. And once again to get back to what I like. Can't that be done more easily?
Missing applications: What I miss most is a native XMPP client. I've read some rumor that BB denied one from the store because it might endanger its BBM. So, why did they allow Skype? I've solved it partly with Xabber from Android store. But it has no integration with the hub and can't run as a daemon. I guess, BB10 kills the Android machine when the last app is closed.
The other one is Google calendar. Since Google terminated CalDav, I can't get to my calendar.

Still, I'd say BB Z10 is a good device and being it an experiment for me, it's a successful one.
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krysmanta what a great point! You should be able to filter your contact book (Facebook, LinkedIN, Google, etc) just like you do in the HUB. It only makes sense.
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To be fair, there is a filtering and I could show just Facebook or LinkedIn. What I can't do is show only locally stored contacts (which is the most useful group for me). I guess that's because those contacts are not associated with any account.
And other way round, I can't filter out an account (show anything except this).
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I just checked my phone. I don't see any category for LinkedIN contacts, or Local phone contacts.
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@krysmanta, I store "locally stored" contacts on my SIM card, that is how I filter out the social media and work email contact mess.
I also assign contacts as favourites across the feeds to access them more quickly.
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I've owned a Z10 for less than a week. I've always been a blackberry addict and I couldn't wait to try this "flagship" after I used my storm and storm 2 until they "died". I was expecting this QNX flavoured touch phone to improve my BB experience. unfortunately, I couldn't stick to the Z10. I appreciated the material and the design, the new UI, but the battery and the first iteration of the OS was buggy.There were not enough apps and It would freeze. I was so disappointed I even didn't think about using the guaranty to change it, I just gave it to some friend just a week after I got it.
But 2 months ago, I got a brand new Z30. This phone packs what I was expecting from the Z10: a great display, I like the rendering of the black, the size is perfect for me as I like watching videos and type long emails... Even if the camera could have been better, I can make fine pics. The updated OS 10.2.1 is great. I also like the battery life even if I would have preferred a removable one. I like the visual lock screen function. I still can't get used to the left side USB connector. Would have preferred it up or down. The wifi has a good range and I can join some wifi networks I can"t see with other smartphone.
Definitely, I would have got a better camera and more apps.
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  • Dual Sim support !!
  • a better CPU/GPU
  • at a reasonable price
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i'm using both an HTC One M8 and a Z10/Z30 combination, and while the BB10 OS is my personal favorite, I'd love them to make a device that's more like what HTC makes in terms of hardware.

A full metal body device with weight like the M8 would be perfect in my opinion. Maybe if BlackBerry can pull some type of success down the line, and HTC continues to struggle, the two could get together and make a device for those of us that want that unique combination.
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Well Dan, I am an intellectual property expert, having sold inventions to the founders of Microsoft and to Open Invention Network, for incorporation into the UNIX operating system. There is a long, long list of things I would do if I were Blackberry. What I would not do is think myself a patent troll, or, not value individual's and their patents or inventions as "too small to bother". This company seems sterile and brain dead, from the top down. When they snap out of it, they will innovate. Right now, they have squandered a most enviable lead and they are down to trading literally below the value of the company, if fairly sold to an honest buyer. Samsung, Apple, Google and others of size, are very, very cynical and will not pay. Its cultural. "Get the money at all cost" is the mantra. So, on the one hand, I would love to blab about the millions of innovations I could provide, but I filed a patent for it and have to wait. Some of it published, and I can say I came up with a way to do hovering gestures which will actually work. Even in harsh environments. Enough said. TTFN

Just remember, the collective knowledge of the individual users dwarfs anything these big players can come up with. They just cheat to appear dominant and care not for the little guy. One little, tiny idea, can turn them to red ink and shrink their client base. Makes it hard to run one's mouth out here when the big players are only interested in taking, never paying fairly to small inventors.
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Blackberry's current C.O. John Chen, said recently in an interview that in order for the handset division of the company to be profitable, they should work on the production/logistics/ suppy issues. I think that Blackberry should do a phone that goes in that direction. This phone should be One model, ONE variant, not one per carrier, just one phone compatible with ALL CARRIERS from US, Canada, UK, The European and Latin American Market. Also this phone should still remain pocket size, like they used to be, not going bigger like the trend is going. Not bulky, not bigger, but smaller, something called A MOBILE/POTABLE Device.
An Example: the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, it has 4 GMS bands, 5 HSDPA Bands, and 8 LTE Bands just in one phone, and it also a 4.3 Inches Screen phone.
Blackberry should do a Smartphone like such but better, ALL CARRIERS, ALL MARKETS, ONE MODEL, ONE VARIANT. All in one, a true Global Phone. no bigger than a 4.3 Inches, a 13 or more MegaPixels Rear Camera, and a 2.2 Megapixels or More front camera. GPS and GLONASS Capable, both with service coverage and without, (using offline maps). Removeable Battery with a Min. of 2300 mAh. micro SD support, and just ONE ONLY MODEL OF MEMORY. 32GB. Also FM Radio Capable. Quad Core CPU, and 2.5 or 3 GB Ram. Blackberry does, this, and I'm pretty sure, the tables and odds will turn.
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Make it run Windows Phone.

It's a little outside of the box, but I wonder how Blackberry would have fared if they had taken a page out of Nokia's book and made a deal with Microsoft once it became clear that their OS couldn't compete with the big two, at least not in the American market. Because of their focus on business, Windows Phone makes the most sense, and both companies might be doing better in the smartphone space.

Blackberry bet a lot on this device and OS, and the real losers of the bet are their employees who were laid off. I just hate to see a company so obviously mismanaged.
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Blackberry became big because they put together a solution to meet the needs of businesses. It was a good solution, had some unique aspects, and businesses spent a lot of money on it, and the company was successful. But the devices became popular in that round about way, they didn't cause the success.

Fast forward 10 years and sure, devices are all anyone talks about, but it's not Blackberries. A lot of solutions exist now that let the devices people are actually using (iphone, android, etc) and make them as or more secure and manageable, which obviate the need for BB - even long term secure BB users like banks and governments are going away from them.

So, really, BB needs to figure out a way to end-run around devices using fact that they have a working secure scalable infrastructure. There is no way in hell that just 'making better devices' is going to help them one little bit.
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Keep most of it as it is, but:

* Miracast
* Way better camera and 120 fps video recording
* WiFi IEEE 802.11ac
* Bigger battery, if possible, without making the phone larger
* Minimum 32GB internal storage
* No more than 450 USD/EUR, up front, including taxes
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It's kind of a catch-22 answer, but if they would have released the Z10 with the 10.2.1 OS, I think it would have had a MUCH better reception. On the other hand, they needed to release SOMETHING asap, so i'm sure they rushed the OS out the door. It's solid, but needed more features out of the gate.
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I would just use the Z30 and consider the Z10 a budget model BlackBerry, akin to how the Curves were to the Bolds. The Z30 adds a host of valuable features (miracast, usb otg, wifi-direct, fm radio), improves on a number of critical areas (CPU, GPU, battery life, speakers, display, reception quality/antenna) and has an all-round much better design and fit and finish. It's everything the Z10 should have been to wow the consumer market in January 2013...

As for the software side, 10.2.1 fixed almost all of the early gripes with the device. All that's left is to fully and publicly integrate Android app support and BB10 would be a perfectly viable top smartphone.
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My Z10 has the absolute worst battery life of any device that I have ever had. It will last about half a day if I use it for anything at all.
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Before the Z10 was released I was excited to get my hands on one. I was always a Blackberry QWERTY keyboard fan but I just wanted a bigger screen for media purposes. Hence I forfeited the keyboard for the all touch screen. The Z10 is definitely a great phone all round. Battery life?! This needs to be revisited by the developers. I find it quite between "poor and average" to today's mobile device standards. For some reason the Q5 has a better longer battery life than the Z10 (maybe because of the screen size...I don't know, just speculation).

As mentioned above, I am and have been a fan of the QWERTY keyboard. Blackberry has always been strongly known for this component. If I were to make a suggestion I would have the developers bring out a model like the Q5 and Q10 but a tad longer screen. Currently the Q5 and Q10 have a square'ish size. It would be definitely be eye-candy to me if the screen was rectangular with a physical QWERTY keyboard. I understand this will lengthen the dimension of the device but it'll be hot seller (I believe).

Also, what's up with older emails disappearing after like 30 days? I've also noticed some contacts disappearing. It's strange, and random. I am more than 100% certain that I had a contact for my favourite pizza place, and when I tried searching for it the other day it just wasn't there.
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Well, I've had the Z10 for easily over a year and I can comfortably say that I am not a novice user of the Z10. I'll break up the pros and cons into segments:

- I've dropped my Z10 numerous times without a casing and it has the war wounds to prove it. It's truly a survivor and deserves a medal for it's hardshell.
- The functionality is simple, and unique compared to other mobile devices. The simple swiping gestures plays a big part in getting a thumbs up in functionality.
- The so called "HUB" is just a beaut. An inbox that captures all text messages, emails, social media etc all into one.
- Can slot in a 64GB memory card. Many movies, many songs, and many photos. If you think about it, your Z10 is a calling phone but it's also your mobile USB memory stick.
- It's physically thin and quite light for a 2013 release.
- The quick screen shot with the use of volume up and down simultaneously.

- The number one CON will have to be the battery life. It's a shocker! Even when you dim the display light to its minimum it's still quite poor in longevity.
- Not as many available apps as Apple but if you're someone who doesn't play many mobile device games then this is not an issue.
- Display screen could have been extended a little bigger. There's actually space to do this. Just take a look...you'll know what I mean.
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