May 21st 2013 1:12 pm


by Mattgella

Xbox One Kinect
So if it's going to require a wired connection between the Kinect and Xbox One, it creates a real problem for those with home theaters. If your media rack is behind you or anywhere other than in front, having a wired connection between the Kinect and the Xbox One could be real trouble. Perhaps you will be able to purchase longer cables to run in walls...

by kris

The new Xbox is coming!
Today is the day that Microsoft unveils the new Xbox—it's been eight years since the Xbox 360 was unveiled to the public, a year before Nintendo and Sony unleashed their own seventh generation consoles. This time around Microsoft is actually last to the party, with Nintendo already having released the Wii U and Sony having done their own unveiling (well, not really) of the PlayStation 4. Last time the year-long head start may have really helped the Xbox gain dominance over its rivals, so what... Read more →