Sony F70

Kids in a candy store, we are! Sony just announced they're killing the TR series (and possibly the T, series, but we're not so sure about that) in Japan, but one step back, two steps forward: they've busted out a hype little new thin n' light n' wide (we're coining that term) called the F-series (yes, there was already an F series, thanks Sony!), which will come in F20, F30, F50, and F70 flavors, have CPUs up to Pentium M 740s, have a resolution of 1600x1200 (and up to 2048x1536 on the F70, though we're not sure how those resolutions are going to work on a wide screen like that), 80GB drive, dual-layer DVD±R/RW/RAM. Perhaps best of all, though, is its measurements: 14.3-inches wide, 10.4-deep, and 1-thick. Daamn! Read on for the deets about the T71 and T90, and for some more pics.

Sony F70

Couple more press shots of the F-series
Sony T71
We?ve got a lot to talk about today, so we just gonna give you the straight deets: the T51, T71, and T90 are replacing the T50 and T70 with a Pentium M 1.2GHz in the T71, and Celeron M1 in the T51. The T90 is the same as the T71, however, but in a carbon-fiber case (kind of like the X505). Officially in lust.
Sony T91
The F71 in carbon fiber (aka the F90).

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Sony's new laptops: Vaio F20, F30, F50, F70, and the T51, T71 and T90. Daamn!