In what seems like a complete 180 for a company fond of disabling dial-up networking and simultaneous WiFi and voice usage on their handsets, Verizon has apparently enabled the OBEX Bluetooth profile in the recently-released RAZR V3c firmware update. As RAZR owners are well aware, the previous two firmware updates had disabled and then completely removed OBEX, which gives customers a free way to transfer their files to a PC, most importantly their pictures. The new firmware not only enables OBEX, say HowardForums users, but actually allows pic transfers over a wired USB connection as well using the Motorola Phone Tools software. Having seen Verizon has take such a shocking step following their change of heart on DUN, we're expecting reports anytime of Apple opening up the iPod, Sony dumping the MemoryStick, and the HD-DVD and Blu-ray camps coming to a super-last-minute compromise.

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