Verizon gives in, allows DUN from cellphones

Verizon Wireless has given in to consumer demand, and will now allow customers to use most compatible cellphones as broadband modems. Verizon customers have long grumbled about the company's unwillingness to allow customers to use their cellphones to connect computers to the internet, especially since there was never any technical reason not to do so, and many of the phones are capable of connecting over the company's high-speed EV-DO network. Verizon will begin charging $59.99 per month for the service, which initially extends to the LG VX9800 (pictured), Motorola RAZR V3c, Motorola E815 and LG VX8100. Verizon is, however, keeping at least one restriction: DUN via Bluetooth will still be officially off-limits; the only way to legally connect will be via USB cables. Uh huh. But we're ok with that, right?