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MacBook rumor twofer

Ryan Block, @ryan

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So at the time of this writing, if you were to visit, you'd be greeted not with the iPod page, but the page shown above with the conspicuous MacBook hardware breadcrumb -- not MacBook Pro. Eh, these things happen, but compound that with the fact that MacRumors is reporting that stores are supposedly receiving new window displays marked "do not open until Tuesday, May 9th" means we could be perilously close to a new product launch -- care to guess which? We'll keep you posted.

[Via MacRumors, thanks Luis]

Update: ThinkSecret is now reporting they've also independently confirmed a Tuesday launch date for the MacBook, and that it will be thinner than today's iBook, available in black and white, and cost slightly more than the low end models. Curiouser and curiouser.

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