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Nike+iPod works with any shoe: The 99-cent DIY shoe mod

Darren Murph

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Okay, so it should have been pretty obvious that not everyone interested in indulging in the Nike+iPod Sport Kit would be shelling out for a brand new pair of (Nike) kicks. If you're are one of those folks perfectly satisfied with the shoes you've already invested in, you've probably been chewing on ideas to get your kit to work effectively. Well, we've got good news, the answer is here and the solution is cheap and so easy it's almost unimaginative. If you have even the smallest hint of the "handyman" gene in you, this project should have you up and running in no time: by securing a small piece of Velcro on your shoes of choice, you can affix the wireless bug to your shoe without emptying your wallet at Niketown. Although this solution may not seem exactly ingenious, it looks to work fairly well, and hey, it can't hurt to give it a run-through.

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