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Unboxing the Nike+iPod Sport Kit

Unboxing the Nike+iPod Sport Kit
Evan Blass
Evan Blass|July 13, 2006 4:59 PM

Now that you can actually go out and purchase a Nike+iPod Sport Kit, you're probably wondering what exactly it is that you're getting with this package, so iLounge was kind enough to snap some photos of the unboxing process and post a few screenshots of the new menu options that will show up on your nano. Feature-wise, there's really nothing here that we didn't know already, though we did learn some more details about the kit's integration with the Nikeplus website -- besides tracking your workout statistics and long-term progress, you can also compare your performance with runners much better than yourself, providing you with an incentive to either work harder or try your hand at another sport. Also worth noting is the fact that the kit will definitely not work with any iPod other than the nano, and your device must sport the latest firmware in order to recognize the adapter. Keep reading to scope out a few of the menu screens, head over to iLounge for the full rundown, and stay tuned for a roundup as reviews start trickling out...

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