As usual, there's no official word from Dell on any of this, but it's clear that they can't ignore AMD in the consumer space forever. According to a report by ZDNet Asia, Dell is planning to release laptops based on AMD's Sempron and Turion 64 X2 processors this October, kicking things off with some 15.4-inch models. The anonymous Dell exec behind the leak was quick to downplay things: "This is not a big deal," he said, "In order to remain competitive, we have to make sure that we have [a wide] enough variety of products to meet the market demand." Apparently a "wide variety" doesn't mean AMD chips unless Dell decides to use them. An AMD rep was a bit more forthcoming, saying "This is a sensitive topic, though we won't deny the fact that we are working with Dell on desktop and notebook PCs." He also went on to note: "Consumers will be able to buy AMD-based computers from Dell by the end of the year." If that doesn't sound like a positive confirmation, we don't know what does.

[Via DailyCE, thanks Sabir S.]

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