Just in case that "holiday cheer" you once had has completely vanished at the thought of battling the crowds this weekend in an attempt to snag those last-minute gizmos on everyone's gift list, here's something to not only brighten your spirits, but to help you procrastinate a bit more as well. While gadgets getting their sing 'n dance on aren't anything new, a trio of Roombas breaking it down to Frosty the Snowman is enthralling nonetheless. We figured out how to give that pre-programmed Roomba its own freedom of expression awhile back, but serving up a few glasses of "robo-nog" and donning the Christmas apparel just puts this act over the top. Still, the Trans-Siberian lightfest remains numero uno until further notice. Hit the jump to see these servantbots strut their stuff...

[Via MAKE]


Roombas get some holiday cheer, go caroling