RoombaMidi hack makes your Roomba dance and sing

Sure, Roomba cockfights are a real hoot, but how about giving your robo vac a chance at a little bit of artistic expression? RoombaMidi aims to do just that, allowing your Roomba to light up, emit musical tones and move to the groove, all from MIDI commands sent from a hardware or software keyboard. The software can support up to 16 roombas, so we're looking forward to some Roomba symphony action. You'll want to throw together that Bluetooth control hack to give Roomba real freedom of expression, but after that it doesn't seem like there's much trouble in setting up RoombaMidi control, and you can even use the software as a mere remote if you're not feeling like a song. Be sure to check the vid for Roomba's interpretation of the Mario theme.

[Via Music Thing