For those of you with Bluetooth head units that play nice with your mobile, viewing your contacts, incoming calls, signal strength, and other pertinent data right on the in-car display might be a luxury you take for granted, but for those without such niceties, Nokia is hoping its CK-15W will fit the bill. The dash-mountable 2.2-inch touchscreen display resembles a small navigation system in form, but its functionality is limited to bringing your mobile's display from the pits of your lap (or floorboard) to a safer, more convenient location. Aside from allowing users to scroll through contacts and make / receive calls, it also boasts customizable backgrounds and themes, and while the press release insinuates it'll only operate with BT-enabled Nokia handsets, we'd wager other brands might hook up too. Still, Nokia apparently feels this somewhat stifled functionality is worth a premium, as it'll demand €180 ($236) when it lands later this quarter.

[Via Slashgear]