Sony's MEX-BT5000 car stereo with Bluetooth

Being the mass transit junkies that we are, we don't spend a lot of time in cars, flying or otherwise, but we know many of you hit the highways each day, so we're presenting to you Sony's new Bluetooth-enabled head unit. The MEX-BT5000 acts as a hands free kit for any Bluetooth phone (although we're sure they'd prefer if it was one of their own), giving you access to up to 50 of your contacts and six of your speed dial entries through its "high resolution" screen and integrated noise-reducing micophone.Once you're done risking everyone's life talking on the phone, fire up your Bluetooth-equipped DAP -- or just stick in a CD -- and you can stream high-fidelity audio throughout your ride, while checking out on-screen track info and navigating your music with the wireless remote. Sure, this isn't the first time we've seen most of these features jammed into a head unit, and at $400, it's still not the cheapest, but we thought it might help hold you over until the CD-ripping 2007 Infinity G35 starts showing up on sketchy used car lots.