LaBiche's FSC-1TM flying sports car looks lamer than it sounds

Alright, maybe we're just turned off by the totally sketchy concept renders, but we were really hoping the car of the future would look a bit better than some high schooler's CAD project. All the same, LaBiche's claims that "A real Flying Car is finally here!" have piqued our interest, and we're pleased to hear that this FSC-1TM flying sports car thing should be able to hit an airspeed in excess of 275 mph, not bad at all for a pair of retractable wings. So far the most testing this thing has gotten is in the X-Plane flight simulator software, and in a 1/10th scale model plane prototype. A full-size mockup is in the works, and apparently they're all ready to take your money for a $175,000 build-it-yourself kit, but we're guessing it'll be a few years until someone is foolhardy enough to try and get the real deal off the ground.

[Via The Raw Feed]