Luigi Colani at CeBIT -- oh, and his AnyFix charger too

As if in a dream, we casually ran into the (slightly) mad professor of design himself, Luigi Colani right here at CeBIT. So cool, so chilled, just flirting with the girls while he signed autographs. "I like the Chinese girls," he joked as he pulled an impressionable Industrial design lady-student in for a cuddle photo. Yeah, his AnyFix universal cellphone charger was on hand as well. Looking every bit the product you'd expect from the man. As we thought, it does indeed possess the smarts to detect the needs of some 80% of the mobile phones in use here in Europe and then apply the appropriate level of juice. Just like the man himself, effusing just the right amount of charisma to woo the (mostly) bewildered onlookers into his den for a closer look. Get a feel for it in the gallery below.